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Gently I moved toward the door of my roommates room. I could hear a clumsy light sound with a routine soft rhythm that alternately relieved, became one with the air, too soon to land and ease again and again.
Skin to skin. Maybe it was intercourse, but it sounded different.
I had been curious.
Silently, I slowly put the palms on the door, leaned me gently forward and kneel my eyes together to peer through the microscopic hole in the door. I tripped the outermost toes and led the room with the eye like a lamp.
The light was on. I felt the edge of a bed with white bedding. The airy clumsy sound came from the left side of the room. I turned my head slightly to the right and pointed my eye.
The sound stopped.
I noticed something undefined dark blue and saw a hand that lay on it. The hand was small and the fingers were small, tight and light bones, coated with heavy dark red nail polish.
What did that woman do in Bo’s room?


My eyelid was running out of the eye and through the keyhole. I could not tame my curiosity without knowing what I was curious about. The hand drove around in circles on the dark blue, which filled my whole horizon. I clenched my eyes closer, and now the dark blue object took shape that moved while the little hand with the dark red nails waved from side to side.
I bowed down further to get a wider view of the room and felt that my cheeks escaped when it became clear to me what I stood and stared so intensely on. There were some quite recognizable dark blue cycling shorts on a quite recognizable backdrop.
Bo’s backing in her bike short literotica.

He often has the bike shorts when he dangles around the apartment.
What did her hand make her backdrop?

She removed her hand, and I could see the whole outline of her back stretched straight into my eyes. There was also a twist of some dark red fabric over the dark blue bicycle shorts. It would have to be a sweater or a dress that belonged to the small strict hands, with the powerful red nail polish literotica.


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The hand came into my picture and disturbed my observation of Bo’s backdrop. The hand had a wooden tool in the hand with black spikes on. I became curious and unwillingly unwilling to rip the door to understand the incomprehensible in front of me literotica.

She placed the object on her back, and then I recognized the sound of an airy whistle, but this time heavier.
A disappointing pivot sounded from a men’s voice. I recognized the voice that matched the shorts and the back part – The first wording between the two. The classics continued, now heavier and more obscure than before literotica.

The movements were fast, I could not perceive what she had in her hand. It was of dark brown, lacquered wood. She held a brief break and moved the object around Bo’s back, as she did with her hand earlier.
It looked like an old-fashioned hairbrush, which she beat Bo in the numb with literotica.

Could it fit?
Why did Bo agree?
And what was it for? Children had a smile in the old days of their parents and the school’s education, but Bo is an adult man.

Why does she find out about this?

I did not understand anything and thought I’d better turn my eyes away. It would not be okay for Bo to see him further in this humiliating situation literotica .

She pulled her arm around her waist and pushed her abdomen towards him and handed some more skin-worn strokes with the brush. He responded unimpressed, and she hit and hit. Now I go, I thought, but instead of letting my head lean back and instead found an angle, so I got both Bo’s buttocks within my field of view. Bo and the woman had still not exchanged a single word. Who was she? They must have planned it, because I do not usually stay home, Sunday morning literotica?


I remembered that it would rather be so, and my head decided that my eyes should leave the opening of the keyhole. I looked away and tried to raise me, but my body was against. I had to stay standing. The airy breeze had become a drummer, which formed a rhythmic cliff hanger that I had resolved to hear again and again and again. My head rocked the sound of collaborating between the hairbrush and Bo’s buttocks. I had received free VIP tickets and we were only in the first half. I leaned a little further with my head again and found the right angle so my two naughty eyes could observe, Bo’s two naughty buttocks literotica.

The thin feminine hands with the dark red nails put the hairbrush aside, and then a larger object appeared. A kind of bat. A round bat like that. She placed it on Bo’s dark blue bike shorts, and made it. The battet obviously covered more of her numb, but although it stretched over both Bo’s buttocks, it obviously could not cover the whole numb. I could almost see her buttocks blaze under the shorts when first hit hit him, but Bo reacted only with a single pivot. It had to make a lot of pain, I thought he might have tried it before literotica. She hit again me .
She easily relieved one leg, and she laid her leg over Bo’s immediately. Her spettling destroyed the beat in her stroke, but maybe the round-bat was also inconvenient, I thought. After just a handful of strokes with the round bat, she dropped it off and fished for something else. It seemed to me that there had to be some tools beside her on the bed. You can watch the more videos and porn stories at tube8.

I could not see what else lay there and wondered why I hoped there was a big pile that she had just taken a hole in. She almost dragged what looked like a big red board against herself, as I could see, was three times as big as the baseball bat before. Meanwhile, she drove her hand around her tight-shorts. She managed to get the red crab on the shorts.

It was big enough to cover the entire Bo’s relatively large numb in width. She raised her arm completely over her head and hit, so it gave a loud whisper. I got a shock, but held my grip and tense in my body like a flashbow to not reveal myself. Nicely I stood still and had eye contact with the two buttocks that were exposed to some severe strokes with red boards.
Now it would hurt, I thought, but there was no sound from Bo or the woman. Just three strokes later, she laid off the red tire and found a bathing brush from her arsenal in the same movement. She quickly raised her arm and hit Bo on her left vent. It gave him a set. She held a break of art and then proceeded undesirably. Right ball, then left and then right.

High clap alternately from ball to ball. Bo’s legs started to mess up. She continued the unusually high pace. Left, right, left. Bo’s numb began to fall down from her knees, and she began to struggle to continue our good rhythm. Left, right, left. He fell further down the knee again. I became frustrated and frustrated, as her left hand pulled hard on Bo’s shorts and raised them like a schoolboy, who got an olfert.
Her upper body was completely out of sight somewhere behind her knees literotica.
Only her ass stood as a flagship in the weather.
It was as if she wanted to show me her ass in her full splendor, and I thought if I should thank her one day for this aesthetic pleasure.
She stayed by and was merciless.


Left, right, left. No talk, no penny.
Only the weak sound from the plant and Bo’s god-made backdrop that got one powerful blow after another with the bath brush literotica.
It was created to Bo’s backdrop.
The sound, the rhythm, the way one could see her buttocks move after each stroke was outstanding. After 20-30 rhythmic strokes, he more and more turned her ass around her knees. She caught a tight grip on her waist and her ass came within my full view as the top of a mountain. She slammed him again with her hairbrush literotica.
Harder and faster. He hugged the buttocks together like a humiliated kid.

Again, she caught the bicycle shorts and raised while Bo still turned around her knees and she slammed him all she could. For each stroke he was even more angry, but now he got over her knees because she had a firm grip on her shorts. She was strongest. Her ass was her and mine.He said nothing, but her ass spoke her own language and it cried, but asked to smack when it was just lying there literotica.
She kept tapping the shorts. She could not get away and she climbed him over and over again, left, right, left, and my eyes followed in line. She stopped briefly, raising him on the ass and slamming him in the bed literotica.
I sensed the intensity of humiliation in the room, in her attempt to frustrate her hand who refused to let go of her mate.

The bathing brush would play again, slammed him again and again, mercilessly. Left, right, left.
She took hold of her ass and flared it, gave him a blow with the brush and hugged him hard in the afterwards.
Forest tense body suddenly relaxed and fell calmly over her knees literotica.
She put her hand on her left buttock and gave him two loving blow bagi.
She said nothing. She did not say anything, and bothered the ass before she removed her leg.
She got up slowly, leaving my field of vision literotica.
Was that the last scene of the movie? I was already hoping that there came a two and immediately. The woman also left my field of vision and an empty bed, was the only thing I could disappoint and stand over.
“It’s good red today,” I heard a female voice say literotica.

She must have pulled off her shorts, I thought. Why did not she do that before? I also want to see how red it is, I thought, and frustrated the eye away from the keyhole. I clenched my hand and turned round and wanted to take a step towards my room when I bumped my leg into the chest of drawers.


I laid my teeth together with pain, took my leg and paved for myself. I had forgotten everything that the wicked chest of drawers stood there. At the same time my body brushed and I held my one hand on my leg and the other to my mouth. I suddenly became aware of time and space. Read more Erotic Stories.
Bo and his female acquaintance did not hear me. Imagine if they had heard me?
I stopped in the light of the light into my room and closed the door as silently as possible. I sat down on my bed and held my breath and ears eagerly to pray that they had not heard me.
I could not hear anything.
I had been lucky, I thought.
I lay slowly on the bed with my arms under my head deeply breathing and breathed lightly and wondered what I had experienced.
Who was that woman and why did she hurt?
I slowly closed my eyes and took one hand down under the blanket, smiled and thought.
Wondering how red it was?

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